Definition of Puffery:

  1. Advertising or sales presentation relying on exaggerations, opinions, and superlatives, with little or no credible evidence to support its vague claims. Puffery may be tolerated to an extent so long as it does not amount to misrepresentation (false claim of possessing certain positive attributes or of not possessing certain negative attributes).

  2. Exaggerated or false praise.

Synonyms of Puffery

Publicity, Advertising, Promotion, Marketing, Propaganda, Push, Puffery, Build-up, Boosting

How to use Puffery in a sentence?

  1. I thought the marketing campaign had a lot of puffery in it and that made it seem less credible and also less reliable.
  2. The puffery engaged in by the advertisers is why Brazil decided to ban billboard advertisements to increase the quality of their citizens lives.
  3. His puffery actually was not far from the truth.
  4. Sometimes you need a little puffery to prop up your product so that others will think it sounds better than it is.

Meaning of Puffery & Puffery Definition