How Do You Define Puff?

  1. You can define Puff as, In advertising, exaggerate the quality of any product without breaking the law.

Meanings of Puff

  1. Breathe briefly, repeatedly.

  2. Increase or increase

  3. Advertise with exaggerated or misleading definitions.

  4. A short, explosive explosion of air or wind.

  5. Cans of light cookies, mainly with puff pastry, sweet or savory filling

  6. An overview of art, book or theater production work, especially one that is very complementary.

  7. The substance accumulated in large quantities in clothing or other clothing.

  8. Dust cloud

Sentences of Puff

  1. Exercises that will make you bloated

  2. Suddenly his stomach sucked and his chest pulled out

  3. The publisher blew up the book on the grounds that it contained new knowledge.

  4. A gust of wind changes the weather

  5. Cream bomb

  6. However, the sleeves of this dress are an example of "blowing down".

Synonyms of Puff

breath, flatus , belly out, squall, beat the drum for, gale, whiff, push, swell out, blow, balloon, drag , emanation , inflate, enlarge, draught , advertisement, piece of publicity, blast, expand, promote, flurry , rush