Pues In English

Pues In English

So what does it mean to be outstanding in English?

And did you answer Nanny in Spanish?

Thank you very much!

Are you really typing it right?

ARRR is a fun point to get excited for running fast!

It means to go again, but above all it is called y or RSS. Maybe to some extent it can be said to anyone.

Mrs.'s answer


You come!

They also use ARRE.

or something else.

Saws can also mean fine, my Mexican friends who work in the garden say that when we plan later like the other 5 meetings, it's all going to be fine. It is difficult to say why this is used in their scope.

I think you suck me, who suck

Almost equal

Then everything is fine. Not a girl

The answers come to mind.

Pues In English