Puerto Rico Lottery

Puerto Rico Lottery

w Do you play the traditional Puerto Rico lottery using let? 3


1. Buy a traditional lottery from a registered supplier or lat. A shaft is divided into 100 pieces, all with the same number, the last time I checked to see if they cost a dollar. You can buy them in full ($ 100) or in pieces ($ 1 each). Lettuce is usually found near government buildings, public places, markets, etc.

2. Wait for the draw to expire so that your number is included in the list of winners. The closing date of the competition is printed on the letter. The list will be published in the newspaper and you can also buy a certified copy of the list.

3. If you win, get your email from the government building. If your ticket is small (for example $ 20.00 or less), a late prize can be awarded and your winning ticket. (That is, if the lat has an official list of winning numbers that matches the lat's date to confirm the winner).

As an example,

1. You got late, it offers entries in:

* lle llete 452310,

* 17 pieces 349205.

* 20 pieces 000234.

You bought $ 45310 and 2 349205 more.

On lottery day, the list of winners may indicate that the number 452310 has won 2,000. This means that 452,310 coins cost $ 20 each, so they cost $ 400 (20 coins each $ 20) and not 349,205.

The letters have a number that says six (I think) and one letter.

Lottery results in Puerto Rico

Public relations lottery results

It works like a stock market where each segment determines earnings when it is the winning number. Each faction is priced at 50 cents and WLE is priced at 100 shares * 50 cents = $ 50. There are many winning numbers ranging from 50 cents per share to the grand prize. You can buy different numbers to improve or focus on your risk and potential rewards. Tax free price.

You can wait for the results in the local newspaper or visit the official website.


If you win, you can get cheap prizes from the seller or government office. Gift can only be redeemed in your office.

Puerto Rico Lottery