Definition of Publishing:

  1. The act of communicating or making available a message or statement to the public by any means such as print, radio, television, internet.

  2. The occupation, business, or activity of preparing and issuing books, journals, and other material for sale.

Synonyms of Publishing

AP, Associated Press, Fleet Street, Reuters, UPI, United Press International, Airing, Albertype, Bandying, Book, Book printing, Book publishing, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Bruiting, Bruiting about, Chromotypography, Chromotypy, Chromoxylography, Circulation, Collotype, Color printing, Communications, Communications industry, Diffusion, Display, Dissemination, Electronography, Electrostatic printing, Evulgation, Fourth estate, Graphic arts, Gravure, Halftone engraving, History of printing, Issuance, Issue, Job printing, Journalism, Letterpress, Letterpress photoengraving, Line engraving, Lithography, Lithogravure, Lithophotogravure, Magazine publishing, Mimeograph, Offset, Offset lithography, Onset, Palaeotypography, Periodical, Photo-offset, Photochemical process, Photoengraving, Photogelatin process, Photographic reproduction, Photography, Photolithography, Phototypography, Phototypy, Photozincography, Planographic printing, Planography, Print medium, Printing, Printmaking, Promulgation, Propagation, Public press, Public print, Publication, Publishing industry, Relief printing, Rotary photogravure, Rotogravure, Sheetwork, Spread, Spreading, Spreading abroad, Stencil, Telecasting, The press, Three-color printing, Two-color printing, Typography, Typolithography, Ventilation, Wood-block printing, Xerography, Xeroprinting, Xylotypography, Zincography

How to use Publishing in a sentence?

  1. She worked in publishing.

Meaning of Publishing & Publishing Definition

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