Publisher Click-tracking

Publisher Click-tracking

When a publisher tracks clicks on its ads. If a publisher is paid by CPC and wants to track clicks, they can provide a click-tracking URL so that they can be pinged when a user clicks on an ad.

Literal Meanings of Publisher Click-tracking


Meanings of Publisher:
  1. The one who publishes, especially books.


Meanings of Click:
  1. A short, shrill, not particularly loud, relatively high-pitched sound made when something small and hard hits something hard, e.g. B. using a switch, padlock or latch, or by pressing the thumb with a finger and then releasing it by hitting the hand.

  2. The is performed by articulation of one palatal or uvula closure with another closure.

  3. The sound a dolphin makes.

  4. With a switch etc to click instead.

  5. The action of pressing a computer mouse button, both a physical action and a software response.

  6. Ratchet head or something like that.

  7. Press the click (switch, etc.) to make it click.

  8. It is used to press and release (computer mouse button).

  9. Used to select a programming element, usually but not always by clicking a mouse button.

  10. To visit the website.

  11. To navigate with the mouse.

  12. Give it a meaning.

  13. It's good to understand each other.

  14. Take (photo) with a camera.

  15. Click sound.

  16. Retainer, pal or pal for example. B. one that engages the ratcheting gears to prevent backward movement.

  17. Door handle.

  18. Kilometers.

  19. (usually plural) kilometers per hour.

  20. Drink.

Sentences of Click
  1. I turned the key, the lock clicked and the door opened with a snap of my fingers.

  2. Visit the location, call or click

  3. On the main page, click on the "Products" section.

  4. He clenched his fingers until his knuckles clicked.

  5. Then it clicked, I was on the wrong track the whole time.

  6. When we met at a party, we clicked and have been best friends ever since.

  7. Press! Opened door.


Meanings of Tracking:
  1. Continuation over time.

  2. Follow the steps.

  3. Make a music recording (a track).

  4. It makes sense to be consistent with known information.

  5. An action or process by which something follows.

  6. Later adjustment of the spacing between individual alphabetic characters.

  7. Division of students into individually trained groups according to the expected level of performance.

Sentences of Tracking
  1. The uncle hunted deer all day, his hoof prints clearly visible in the mud.

  2. Lil Kyle is going to record with this DJ next week.

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Publisher Click-tracking