Definition of Publish:

  1. To communicate or make available a message or statement to public by any means such as print, radio, television, internet.

  2. Prepare and issue (a book, journal, piece of music, etc.) for public sale, distribution, or readership.

  3. Communicate (a libel) to a third party.

Synonyms of Publish

Issue, Bring out, Produce, Print, Advertise, Air, Announce, Annunciate, Bestrew, Break it to, Break the news, Breathe, Bring out, Broach, Broadcast, Bruit about, Circumfuse, Come out with, Confide, Confide to, Deal out, Diffract, Diffuse, Disclose, Dispense, Disperse, Dispread, Disseminate, Distribute, Diverge, Divulgate, Divulge, Engrave, Evulgate, Express, Fan out, Get out, Give out, Give vent to, Hectograph, Impress, Imprint, Issue, Leak, Let get around, Let in on, Let out, Make known, Make public, Market, Mimeograph, Multigraph, Out with, Overprint, Overscatter, Oversow, Overspread, Print, Proclaim, Produce, Promulgate, Proof, Propagate, Prove, Publicize, Pull, Pull a proof, Put forth, Put out, Put to bed, Put to press, Radiate, Reissue, Report, Reprint, Retail, Reveal, Run, Run off, Scatter, Sow, Sow broadcast, Splay, Spread, Spread about, Spread out, Stamp, Strew, Strike, Tell, Toot, Utter, Vent, Ventilate

How to use Publish in a sentence?

  1. And if the matter published is contained in a written or printed document the publisher is guilty of publishing a seditious libel.
  2. We publish practical reference books.

Meaning of Publish & Publish Definition