Definition of Publics:

  1. Done, perceived, or existing in open view.

  2. Communities of people at large (whether or not organized as groups) that have a direct or indirect association with an organization: customers, employees, investors, media, students, etc.

  3. Of or provided by the state rather than an independent, commercial company.

  4. Of or concerning the people as a whole.

  5. Ordinary people in general; the community.

  6. Short for public bar or public house.

  7. Of, for, or acting for a university.

Synonyms of Publics

Popular, General, Common, Communal, Collective, Shared, Joint, Universal, Widespread, State, National, Federal, Government, People, Citizens, Subjects, General public, Electors, Electorate, Voters, Taxpayers, Residents, Inhabitants, Citizenry, Population, Populace, Community, Society, Country, Nation, World, Known, Widely known, Overt, Plain, Obvious, In circulation, Published, Publicized, Exposed

How to use Publics in a sentence?

  1. Public concern.
  2. The library is open to the public.
  3. Public spending.
  4. He wanted a public apology in the Wall Street Journal.
  5. Public examination results.

Meaning of Publics & Publics Definition