Publicly Traded Limited Partnership (ptlp)

Publicly Traded Limited Partnership (ptlp),

What is The Definition of Publicly Traded Limited Partnership (ptlp)?

Companies in the United States that are listed and traded on a fixed exchange or secondary market. With some exceptions, PTLP is taxed as a corporation, not as a partnership in the United States.

Literal Meanings of Publicly Traded Limited Partnership (ptlp)


Meanings of Publicly:
  1. Being seen by others in public.

Sentences of Publicly
  1. Crying in public


Meanings of Traded:
  1. The act of buying and selling goods and services.

  2. Jobs that require manual skills and specialized training.

  3. Commercial winds

  4. Buy and sell goods and services.

  5. Exchange for something else (something), usually as a business transaction.

Sentences of Traded
  1. Decision to ban all ivory trade

  2. The basics of the construction industry

  3. Northeast Jobs

  4. Luxury goods trade broker

  5. Exchange mud shark liver for fish oil

Synonyms of Traded

replace, profession, dealing, province, barter, commerce, livelihood, walk of life, exchange, career, pursuit, craft, merchandising, buying and selling, swap, calling, line of work, line, occupation, day job, marketing, deal, switch, job, bargaining, traffic


Meanings of Limited:
  1. Small, small or small, limited in size, quantity or scope.

Sentences of Limited
  1. A limited number of available places

Synonyms of Limited

slight, narrow, restricted, tight, short, lean, slender, little, in short supply, bounded, finite


Meanings of Partnership:
  1. Partner or Partner Status.

Sentences of Partnership
  1. We must continue to work in partnership