Definition of Publicize:

  1. Make (something) widely known.

  2. To make something public in order to gain attention. In some cases, people willingly publicize their ideas or feelings, but other times, facts that someone intended to remain private will be publicized through media such as newspapers or television (the latter situation often happens to celebrities).

Synonyms of Publicize

Advance, Advertise, Announce, Ballyhoo, Bark, Bill, Boost, Broadcast, Bruit, Build up, Bulletin, Circularize, Cry, Cry up, Establish, Extol, Give a write-up, Give publicity, Headline, Hype, Placard, Plug, Post, Post bills, Post up, Press-agent, Promote, Promulgate, Propagandize, Puff, Push, Sell, Spiel, Tout, Trumpet, Write up, Make known, Make public, Bring to public attention, Bring to public notice, Announce, Report, Communicate, Impart, Disclose, Reveal, Divulge, Leak, Publish, Broadcast, Transmit, Issue, Put out, Distribute, Spread, Unfold, Disseminate, Circulate, Air, Blazon, Herald, Proclaim, Promulgate

How to use Publicize in a sentence?

  1. Use the magazine to publicize human rights abuses.

Meaning of Publicize & Publicize Definition