Definition of Publicity:

  1. Advertising based on the PR effect of a report published by the media is generally free. The main purpose of advertising is not to promote sales, but to create images through editorial or independent commentary. Although editors have control over the content of the news, they do not have control over their place or interpretation through the media.

  2. Information or attention given to or by someone through the media.

Synonyms of Publicity

Communique, Gen, Evidence, Announcement, Glare, Fame, Promotion, Hard sell, Dispatch, Light, Hard information, Public report, Recognition, Hue and cry, Bright light, Broadcasting, Puffery, Info, Notice, Acclaim, Hoopla, Glare, PR, Currency, Enlightenment, Public eye, Public relations, Reputation, Limelight, General information, Directory, Popularity, Public knowledge, Press-agentry, Celebrity, Exposure, Cry, Fuss, The know, Buildup, Exposure, Guidebook, Incidental information, Blurb, Familiarization, Spotlight, Proof, Blue book, Publication, Report, Kudos, Notoriety, White paper, Facts, Presentation, Notoriousness, Message, Publicness, Repute, Renown, Transmission, Write-up, Account, Commotion, Data, Public notice, Maximum dissemination, Knowledge, Public attention, Release, Name, Mention, Promulgation, Acquaintance, Media attention, Statement, Press notice, Limelight, Ballyhoo, Promotional material, Propaganda, The dope, Information, Publicity story, Briefing, Notification, Communication, The bubble reputation, Factual information, Common knowledge, Character, Media interest, Famousness, Sidelight, Figure, Glory, Commercial, Plug, The goods, Reclame, Intelligence, Daylight, White book, Eclat, Instruction, The scoop, Bulletin, Vogue, Handout, Word, Advertising, Puff, Public interest, Datum

How to use Publicity in a sentence?

  1. All the magazines spread rumors about the young celebrities, but they believed that bad publicity would help their careers.
  2. The case received widespread media coverage.
  3. Good publicity can help new buyers find out about your product.
  4. Sometimes, even a bad advertisement can be good for your business when more and more people are talking about your product.

Meaning of Publicity & Publicity Definition