Public Officials Bond

Public Officials Bond,

How Do You Define Public Officials Bond?

  1. Guarantee where there is a guarantee that the appointed officer will perform his official duties faithfully, including the accounts of all the funds entrusted to him.

Literal Meanings of Public Officials Bond


Meanings of Public:
  1. About or related to people as a whole.

  2. Done, seen or seen.

  3. Obtained or provided by the government as an alternative to an independent company.

  4. From, or to universities.

  5. Ordinary people in general.

Sentences of Public
  1. Public attention

  2. The Wall Street Journal apologizes publicly

  3. Public benefit

  4. Public examination results

  5. The library is open to the public

Synonyms of Public

community, plain, national, published, overt, joint, people, nation, residents, government, population, state, obvious, country, popular, general public, known, subjects, general, citizenry, shared, publicized, world, widespread


Meanings of Officials:
  1. In relation to the authority or agency and its activities and responsibilities.

  2. People who do public work or do government work, especially as representatives of government organizations or services.

Sentences of Officials
  1. Prime Minister's official commitment

  2. Union representatives

Synonyms of Officials

officer, administrator, solemn, executive, office-holder, formal, appointee, ceremonious, ceremonial, office-bearer, ritualistic, functionary


Meanings of Bond:
  1. Relationships between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests or experiences.

  2. A contact between two surfaces or objects that was connected primarily by adhesive, heat or pressure.

  3. Agreement with the power of law.

  4. The model in which bricks are placed to guarantee the strength of the resulting structure.

  5. Summary for Bond Paper

  6. Secure the attachment or bonding to something else, especially using adhesive, heat or pressure.

  7. Connect or be bound by chemical restrictions.

  8. Place (stones) in an overlapping pattern to form a strong structure.

  9. Submit it (taxable item).

Sentences of Bond
  1. There is a link between them

  2. There is no effective relationship between concrete and steel

  3. Marriage as a legal bond may be old, but I doubt it.

  4. Link in English

  5. Press content to join layers

  6. Neutral molecules are attached to the central nucleus

Synonyms of Bond

fellowship, fasten, pledge, connect, solder, attach, vow, avowal, guarantee, gum, glue, cement, assurance, weld, relationship, association, stick, join, word, affiliation, coalition, secure, word of honour, promise, friendship