Public Limited Company (PLC)

Public Limited Company (PLC),

How Do You Define Public Limited Company (PLC)?

Meaning of Public Limited Company (PLC): The abbreviation PLC (Joint Stock Company) at the end of the company name means that the company is offering shares to the public. It is used in the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries and is equivalent to the United States. Inc.

  • PLC or limited liability company is the British equivalent of an American company or incorporation.
  • All companies listed on the London Stock Exchange are PLCs.
  • The official names of some famous British brands, such as Burberry and Shell, contain the suffix PLC.

Literal Meanings of Public Limited Company (PLC)


Meanings of Public:
  1. Ordinary people in a large society.

  2. As a whole or related to people.

  3. Done, seen or seen.

  4. Acquired or provided by the government by a free trade company.

  5. To, or to university.

Sentences of Public
  1. The library is open to the public

  2. Public attention

  3. The Wall Street Journal apologizes publicly

  4. Public service

  5. General test results

Synonyms of Public

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Meanings of Limited:
  1. Size, number or scope small, small or small.

Sentences of Limited
  1. A limited number of places

Synonyms of Limited

tight, bounded, little, short, lean, slight, narrow, in short supply, restricted, slender, finite


Meanings of Company:
  1. A trading company

  2. The reality or condition of living with another person, especially in a way that brings friendship and happiness.

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Sentences of Company
  1. A transport company

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Meanings of PLC:
  1. Anonymous society.

Sentences of PLC
  1. The bill requires the creation of audit committees in all SAs and large private companies, effectively comprising non-executive directors.