Public Liability/Third Party Liability

Public Liability/Third Party Liability,

Public Liability/Third Party Liability:

  1. Civic Duties / Citizen Duties

Literal Meanings of Public Liability/Third Party Liability


Meanings of Public:
  1. About or related to people as a whole.

  2. Done, seen or seen.

  3. Obtained or provided by the government as an alternative to an independent company.

  4. From, or to universities.

  5. Ordinary people in general.

Sentences of Public
  1. Public attention

  2. The Wall Street Journal apologizes publicly

  3. Public benefit

  4. Public examination results

  5. The library is open to the public

Synonyms of Public

universal, population, subjects, voters, popular, inhabitants, in circulation, published, exposed, shared, federal, government, general public, community, collective, residents, joint, widely known, known, citizens, communal, widespread, national, electorate, world, society, publicized, electors, country


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The person or object whose presence or conduct may cause embarrassment or discomfort.

Synonyms of Liability

hindrance, nuisance, responsibility, burden, accountability, answerability, encumbrance, legal responsibility, inconvenience, handicap


Meanings of Third:
  1. Do it at number three.

Sentences of Third
  1. Third century


Meanings of Party:
  1. Social gatherings for guests, usually involving food, drink and entertainment.

  2. A formally formed political group that usually operates at the national level, rejects elections and seeks to form or participate in government.

  3. One or more people who are part of an agreement or dispute.

  4. Have fun at a party or other festive gathering, usually with drinks and music.

  5. Divided into different colored parts.

Sentences of Party
  1. Engagement ceremony

  2. Traditional Conservative Party

  3. Agreement between the two parties

Synonyms of Party

social function, cabal, have a good time, association, bloc, celebrate, social occasion, enjoy oneself, function, celebration, social, caucus, have a party, grouping, junta, reception, get-together, social gathering, faction, side, set, movement, camp, affiliation, reunion, have a wild time