Public assistance

Public assistance,

Definition of Public assistance:

  1. Government benefits provided to the needy, usually in the form of cash or vouchers.

  2. A system providing welfare services, instituted by the state and federal government. Services are provided to the elderly, disabled people, and low-income families.

Synonyms of Public assistance

ADC, Medicaid, Medicare, Aid, Alimony, Allotment, Allowance, Annuity, Assistance, Bounty, Cradle-to-grave security, Depletion allowance, Dole, Fellowship, Financial assistance, Grant, Grant-in-aid, Guaranteed annual income, Guaranteed income, Health insurance, Help, Old-age assistance, Old-age insurance, Pecuniary aid, Pension, Price support, Public welfare, Relief, Retirement benefits, Scholarship, Sickness insurance, Social insurance, Social security, Social welfare, Socialized medicine, State medicine, Stipend, Subsidization, Subsidy, Subvention, Support, Tax benefit, Unemployment compensation, Unemployment insurance, Welfare, Welfare aid, Welfare capitalism, Welfare payments, Welfare state, Welfare statism, Welfarism, Womb-to-tomb security

How to use Public assistance in a sentence?

  1. This will be welcomed by thousands of citizens, more so those who are eligible for old age pension, disability grants, NIS benefits and public assistance.

Meaning of Public assistance & Public assistance Definition