Pseudodragon Names

Pseudodragon Names

How do I name a pseudo dragon? ۔

In my dungeon and dragon expedition, I just found a pseudo dragon. What do i want to call you

Well, we can give it many different names. It depends on many things: you, your character, the sex of the pseudo dragon, and the actions of the pseudo dragon (ie his personality). You can call them scrambled eggs if you like, but I doubt your pseudo dragon will like it.

Example: Jasreen Storm, the magician and Rob, dressed and bandaged a pseudo-dragon, which he named Fafner in honor of the children's fairy tale from Wikipedia.

I called my Lorcan, which comes from Irish LIC, which means a bit wild.

I called him because of some things about Irish: he is, he is physically small, and he is not afraid to move more than to chew.

The page behind the name is not bad because you can find the meaning of the name and the name with a specific meaning. First of all, there are no names that you are looking for. For the latter, you need to do a little searching to find the desired meaning. It is very fast and provides an excellent list to help you find the desired meaning. Oh, and the site provides names for different languages ​​and cultures.

Pseudodragon Names