Definition of Prudence:

  1. Wisdom, which is acquired through experience and knowledge, is expressed in a realistic and economic way. However, surveillance does not mean serious or dubious surveillance that only seeks to maintain the status quo. When there is no real reason to be afraid, the precaution is to avoid wrong thinking and be prepared to sacrifice today's profits for tomorrow's earnings.

  2. Because the standard is wise.

Synonyms of Prudence

Frugality, Moderateness, Prediction, Judgement, Foresightedness, Lookout, Beneficialness, Husbandry, Heed, Profit, Policy, Prudential administration, Farseeingness, Deliberate stages, Abnegation, Prospection, Cool, Abstinence, Shrewdness, Sagacity, Guardedness, Wariness, Readiness, Presence of mind, Forehandedness, Safeness, Foreglimpse, Judgment, Discretion, Guard, Cardinal virtues, Lenity, Tight purse strings, Worthwhileness, Envisagement, Moderationism, Unextremeness, Thoroughness, Farsightedness, Judgement, Watchful eye, Astuteness, Natural virtues, Good judgement, Qui vive, Frugalness, Thoughtfulness, Love, Usefulness, Good management, Observance, Hedging, Advantageousness, Forethought, Happy medium, Advantage, Supernatural virtues, Golden mean, Temperateness, Judiciousness, Stewardship, Proctoring, Meden agan, Vigil, Sageness, Hesitation, Consideration, Slowness to act, Charity, Fruitfulness, Evenness, Convenience, Foreglance, Prospect, Regardfulness, Serenity, Unextravagance, Common sense, Continence, Restraint, Watch and ward, Good judgment, Pawkiness, Austerity program, Insight, Peeled eye, Opportuneness, Justice, Steadiness, Penetration, Fitness, Sagaciousness, Advisability, Self-restraint, Tentativeness, Sapience, Rightness, Surveillance, Pacifism, Nonviolence, Expedience, Economic planning, Stability, Neutrality, Prepublication, Eagle eye, Hope, Advisability, Providence, Circumspectness, Judiciousness, Custodianship, Prior consultation, Unwastefulness, Foreseeing, Forecast, Reflectiveness, Politicness, Wit, Cool judgment, Sense, Reflection, Cautiousness, Calm, Gingerliness, Conservatism, Tranquillity, Anticipation, Contemplation, Planning, Keenness, Hedge, Sharp eye, Parsimoniousness, Uncommunicativeness, Economicalness, Guardianship, Thriftiness, Weighing, Unprecipitateness, Moderation, Provision, Percentage, Fittingness, Desirability, Fortitude, Deliberation, Polity, Mindfulness, Discreetness, Precaution, Prudentialness, Discrimination, Self-control, Thrift, Seemliness, Circumspection, Perspicacity, Tact, Propriety, Watchfulness, Looking ahead, Via media, Foregleam, Deliberateness, Self-denial, Watching, Preparedness, Austerity, Suitability, Feasibility, Custody, Dispassion, Common sense, Monitoring, Chariness, Timeliness, Vigilance, Percipience, Management, Careful consideration, Appropriateness, False economy, Theological virtues, Awareness, Acumen, Envisionment, Sagacity, Carefulness, Sparingness, Longsightedness, Watch, Calmness, Seasonableness, Sobriety, Impartiality, Foresight, Safety first, Profitability, Canniness, Care, Prudentialism, Invigilation, Heedfulness, Prevision, Economy, Juste-milieu, Solicitude, Control, Parsimony, Mildness, Middle way, Temperance, Decency, Self-abnegation, Faith, Unexcessiveness, Calculation, Preparation, Constraint, Gentleness, Weather eye, Repose, Economy of means, Preview, Wisdom, Wisdom, Shrewdness, Expediency, Soundness of judgment, Nothing in excess, Caution, Sound judgment

How to use Prudence in a sentence?

  1. When my roommates plan to celebrate the New Year, I advise them to be careful when choosing entertainment, because there will be many nights and not everyone has good intentions.
  2. Young entrepreneurs have the energy to do great things. Experienced business people are wise, but they are careful when making informed decisions.
  3. After years in the real estate industry, he has been cautious about when to buy or not to rent property.
  4. We need to be careful in these important matters.

Meaning of Prudence & Prudence Definition