Definition of Proxy:

  1. Written authorization from an absent member (or a shareholder, called the principal) that confers a limited power of attorney on another person, member, or management of the firm (called agent or proxy) to vote on behalf of, and in accordance with the directions of, the principal.

  2. A figure that can be used to represent the value of something in a calculation.

  3. While proxy voting is often an option, management encourages shareholders to vote in person. If the shareholder cannot attend, voting by proxy is another option. For a person to act as a proxy for an individual, formal documentation may be required that outlines the extent to which the proxy can speak on the individual's behalf. A formal power of attorney document may be required to provide the permissions to complete certain actions. The shareholder signs a power of attorney and extends official authorization to the designated individual to vote on behalf of the stated shareholder at the annual meeting.

  4. The authority to represent someone else, especially in voting.

  5. A proxy is an agent legally authorized to act on behalf of another party or a format that allows an investor to vote without being physically present at the meeting. Shareholders not attending a company's annual general meeting (AGM) may vote their shares by proxy by allowing someone else to cast votes on their behalf, or they may vote by mail.

Synonyms of Proxy

Deputy, Representative, Substitute, Delegate, Agent, Surrogate, Stand-in, Attorney, Ambassador, Emissary, Go-between, Envoy, Frontman, Australian ballot, Hare system, Indiana ballot, Massachusetts ballot, Absentee ballot, Advocate, Agency, Agent, Agentship, Alter ego, Alternate, Alternative, Amicus curiae, Analogy, Assignee, Assignment, Attorney, Authority, Authorization, Aye, Backup, Backup man, Ballot, Ballot-box stuffer, Balloter, Blanket ballot, Brevet, Canvass, Canvassing, Care, Casting vote, Champion, Change, Changeling, Charge, Commission, Commissioning, Commitment, Comparison, Consignment, Copy, Counterfeit, Counting heads, Cumulative voting, Cure, Deciding vote, Delegate, Delegated authority, Delegation, Deputation, Deputy, Devolution, Devolvement, Division, Double, Dummy, Elector, Embassy, Empowerment, Enfranchisement, Entrusting, Entrustment, Equal, Equivalent, Errand, Ersatz, Exchange, Executive officer, Executorship, Exequatur, Exponent, Factor, Factorship, Fagot vote, Fake, Figurehead, Fill-in, Floater, Franchise, Fraudulent voter, Full power, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Graveyard vote, Hand vote, Imitation, Jurisdiction, Legation, License, Lieutenancy, Lieutenant, List system, Locum, Locum tenens, Long ballot, Makeshift, Mandate, Metaphor, Metonymy, Mission, Mock, Nay, Next best thing, No, Nonpartisan ballot, Nontransferable vote, Office, Office-block ballot, Paranymph, Party emblem, Party-column ballot, Personnel, Phony, Pinch, Pinch hitter, Pleader, Plebiscite, Plebiscitum, Plenipotentiary power, Plumper, Plural vote, Poll, Polling, Power of attorney, Power to act, Preferential voting, Procuration, Procurator, Proportional representation, Provisional, Purview, Record vote, Referendum, Regency, Regentship, Registered voter, Relief, Repeater, Replacement, Representation, Representative, Reserve, Reserves, Responsibility, Right to vote, Ringer, Rising vote, Sample ballot, Say, Second in command, Second string, Secondary, Secret ballot, Short ballot, Show of hands, Sign, Single vote, Slate, Snap vote, Spare, Spares, Split ticket, Stand-in, Stopgap, Straight ticket, Straw vote, Sub, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Succedaneum, Suffrage, Superseder, Supplanter, Surrogate, Symbol, Synecdoche, Task, Temporary, Tentative, Third string, Ticket, Token, Transferable vote, Trust, Trusteeship, Understudy, Utility, Utility man, Utility player, Vicar, Vicar general, Vicarious, Vicarious authority, Vice, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Vicegerent, Viva voce, Voice, Voice vote, Vote, Voter, Voting, Voting right, Warrant, Write-in, Write-in vote, Yea, Yeas and nays, Yes

How to use Proxy in a sentence?

  1. A Proxy Statement is a packet of documents that provide shareholders with information necessary to make informed votes on issues important to the company's performance.
  2. A proxy is an agent legally authorized to act on behalf of another party.
  3. The use of a US wealth measure as a proxy for the true worldwide measure.
  4. Her stockbroker held her proxy , because Marcie felt far too busy to vote on corporate matters even though she owned many shares of Exxon.
  5. The proxy may also allows an investor to vote without being physically present at the annual shareholder's meeting.
  6. Because the board member was absent for the meeting, his voting power was granted by proxy to another senior colleague.
  7. They may register to vote by proxy.
  8. Because I will be traveling over the next month, I have named John Smith to be my proxy , so he can vote on my behalf while I am absent.
  9. The information presented at annual meetings often affects a company's future direction, thus directly impacting the value of a shareholder's stake in the company.
  10. Management ensures ownership interests are fully represented by encouraging shareholders who are unable to attend annual meetings to vote by proxy.

Meaning of Proxy & Proxy Definition