Provisioning Profile

Provisioning Profile

To protect the privacy and security of users and to protect the business interests of app developers, Apple has developed a complex process that requires all apps to be digitally signed. The provisioning profile is part of this signing process. In short, a provisioning profile determines whether an app can be installed and run on a device. To install and run the app on this phone, the corresponding provisioning profile must be present on the phone. The developer has 3 modes to create iPhone applications: 1. Development mode: Uses the development deployment profile. This device profile specifies on which phones the app can run. In order for the developer version to work on your phone, you need to provide your phone's UDID to your developer. They then include that UDID in the development provisioning profile and send you a build that uses that provisioning profile. This version can be installed and used on your phone. It also provides a great way to protect your app from random hackers and competing startups as they won't be able to install a working version even if they manage to get their hands on it. One annoying limitation Apple has placed on developers is that a deployment profile can only contain 100 development test devices. A build with development implementation will be within 3 months from the build date (TODO: check it out). 2. Ad-hoc Distribution Mode – This type of provisioning profile has all the benefits and limitations of the Development Provisioning Profile, but the version that uses the Ad-hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile will expire after 1 year (ALL: check this). Creation date. 3. App Store provisioning profile. This provisioning profile is used to create the final version that can be distributed via the AppStore. The version that uses the App Store provisioning profile can only be installed from the AppStore. And it will work forever (EVERYTHING: check it out).

Literal Meanings of Provisioning Profile


Meanings of Provisioning:
  1. For delivery.

  2. Give (the user) an account, resources, etc. so that you can use the system.

  3. Food Supply Act.

Sentences of Provisioning
  1. To supply the army.


Meanings of Profile:
  1. The outer shape, appearance, or border of an object.

  2. The shape, appearance, or shadow of a human head viewed from the side.

  3. A summary or collection of information, especially about a person.

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Sentences of Profile
  1. His fingers traced the circumference of her neck.

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Provisioning Profile