Provisional Premium

Provisional Premium,

How Do You Define Provisional Premium?

  • A simple definition of Provisional Premium is: Synonyms See key nomination rates

Literal Meanings of Provisional Premium


Meanings of Provisional:
  1. An emergency stamp.

  2. Member of the Provisional Wing of the Irish Republican Army or Sun Fan.

  3. Set now or now, they can be changed later.

  4. This refers to the Irish Republican Army and the non-governmental wing of Sun Fan, founded in 1969, which supports terrorism.

Sentences of Provisional
  1. New Orleans 5C Temporary Stamps Most temporary CSA stamps are used and are more likely to be purchased by casual collector buyers.

  2. In addition, special brigade detectives said over the weekend that the guards were monitoring suspected Dublin interim members, including those associated with Sunfan.

  3. Provisional government

  4. Temporary IRA

Synonyms of Provisional

temporary, interim, pro tem


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Amount paid for the insurance policy.

Sentences of Premium
  1. Consumers are reluctant to pay more for organic fruits

Synonyms of Premium

extra charge, extra, additional payment, insurance charge, extra amount, surcharge, instalment, perk, recompense, prize, bonus, regular payment, reward, percentage, insurance payment, remuneration, additional fee