Provision For Outstanding Claims

Provision For Outstanding Claims,

How Do You Define Provision For Outstanding Claims?

  1. Meaning of Provision For Outstanding Claims: Provision of claims on the date of balance sheet but not confirmed or fully settled.

Literal Meanings of Provision For Outstanding Claims


Meanings of Provision:
  1. Provision of food, drink or luggage especially for travel.

  2. The organization owes a certain amount to the account.

  3. Posting, or use of posting, use l. Some.

  4. Quantity or supply or delivery of goods

  5. A condition or requirement in a legal document.

  6. Promises of benefits, especially directly from the pope, not from the boss, and initially before being released.

Sentences of Provision
  1. Civilian military contractors are responsible for providing these troops

  2. Financial institutions need to protect themselves from default

  3. Basic provisions of civil rights

Synonyms of Provision

equipping, furnishing, donation, supplying, requirement, facilities, provide, purveying, clause, furnish, specification, fit up, arrangements, distribution, giving, arm, allocation, delivery, resources, services, equipment, providing, outfit, rig out, supply, solutions, term, stipulation


Meanings of For:
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  1. Elected for independence in a referendum

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  3. This old man doesn't speak for everyone

  4. Tools you need to frame

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Meanings of Outstanding:
  1. very well.

  2. The rest is to be paid or done.

Sentences of Outstanding
  1. Excellent performance equipment

  2. How many jobs are left?

Synonyms of Outstanding

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Meanings of Claims:
  1. Explain or claim that something is happening, usually without evidence or proof.

  2. Request or formally claim that you have won or won (some)

  3. To cause loss of (someone's life)

  4. Confirm if anything is true.

  5. A request for something or a request that is considered because

Sentences of Claims
  1. The prime minister says he is worried about third world debt

  2. If one does not claim these items, they become the property of the Crown Prince.

  3. Five people were killed in the attack

  4. Prosecuted by alleged CIA contacts

  5. The court rejected your asylum application

Synonyms of Claims

say that one owns, take, declaration, assertion, swear, insist, assert, representation, request, state, affirmation, aver, profess, affirm, assert ownership of, profession, protestation, formally request, lay claim to, application, hold