Definition of Provider:

  1. A person or thing that provides something.

  2. A person, organization or business that offers a good or service.

Synonyms of Provider

Caterer, Chandler, Commissariat, Commissary, Donor, Furnisher, Manciple, Merchant, Patron, Provisioner, Purveyor, Quartermaster, Retailer, Steward, Stock clerk, Storekeeper, Supplier, Sutler, Victualer, Vivandier, Supplier, Donor, Giver, Contributor, Source, Mainstay

How to use Provider in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure that you have a good internet service provider so that you know you can always access important data.
  2. Im thinking about looking for a new insurance provider because the insurance plan that Im on right now is much too expensive.
  3. He was an excellent provider for his family and always put them first before himself in life and that made us all emotional.
  4. A leading provider of personal financial services.

Meaning of Provider & Provider Definition


What is The Meaning of Provider?

  1. Provider means, Health insurance companies often use services that refer to healthcare providers, whether they are doctors or nurses, hospitals or clinics.

  2. Health professionals or other facilities that provide health services, for example. B. A doctor, hospital, caregiver or intensive care unit. Medicare lists the following lists of healthcare providers: hospitals, healthcare facilities, home health authorities, clinics, rehabilitation institutions, public health authorities, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation centers, hospitals, critical access hospitals And centers. Mental health community

  3. Provider means, Authorized to provide health services to hospitals, pharmacists, nurses, organizations, facilities or individuals in Texas. The doctor can also be called a provider. Term providers often refer to individuals or entities that provide health services.

Meanings of Provider

  1. Someone or something that offers something.

Sentences of Provider

  1. Leading personal finance service providers


What is Provider?

  1. A simple definition of Provider is: Provider is a term used to designate health professionals who provide health services. Sometimes the term refers to just one doctor. However, the term is often applied to other health professionals, such as hospitals, nurses, chiropractors, physiotherapists and others who provide specialized services.

  2. Definition of Provider: Licensed to provide healthcare to hospitals, pharmacists, nurses, organizations, facilities or licensed individuals in Tennessee. The doctor can also be called a provider. Providers refer to individuals or entities that provide health services.