Provider / Recordkeeping Expenses

Provider / Recordkeeping Expenses,

Provider / Recordkeeping Expenses Meanings:

  1. This fee is a combination of different expenses. Also known as Asset Management (AMC) or Acquisition Cost.

Literal Meanings of Provider / Recordkeeping Expenses


Meanings of Provider:
  1. Someone or something that offers something.

Synonyms of Provider

supplier, source, donor, contributor, giver, mainstay


Meanings of Recordkeeping:
  1. Profession or profession, to keep record or account.

Sentences of Recordkeeping
  1. The exact number was never known due to poor catechin registration.


Meanings of Expenses:
  1. Compensation for tax base (item of expenses).

  2. The price or need for something.

Sentences of Expenses
  1. Up to Rs 17,500 can be collected in capital expenditure this year

  2. Conference rooms are expensive

Synonyms of Expenses

cost, price