Definition of Provide:

  1. Make available for use; supply.

  2. To allocate or give resources to a person, entity or thing, usually for purposes of completion of a project. For example, a parent company may provide more funds to a subsidiary to acquire a supplier.

  3. Make adequate preparation for (a possible event).

  4. The act of furnishing or supplying for another person, entity or thing. For example, a contract will explicitly provide or give terms and conditions of use.

  5. Stipulate in a will or other legal document.

  6. Appoint an incumbent to (a benefice).

Synonyms of Provide

Stipulate, Lay down, Have as a condition, Make it a condition, Require, Order, Ordain, Demand, Prescribe, State, Set out, Specify, Prepare, Allow, Make provision, Make preparations, Be prepared, Anticipate, Arrange, Make arrangements, Get ready, Plan, Make plans, Cater, Supply, Give, Issue, Furnish, Lay out, Come up with, Dispense, Bestow, Impart, Produce, Yield, Bring forth, Bear, Deliver, Donate, Contribute, Pledge, Advance, Spare, Part with, Allocate, Distribute, Allot, Assign, Put forward, Put up, Proffer, Present, Extend, Render, Accommodate, Accommodate with, Accord, Afford, Anticipate, Arrange, Arrange for, Attend to, Care for, Cater, Clear for action, Clear the decks, Clothe, Contribute, Cure, Deliver, Demand, Deploy, Dispense, Donate, Dress, Endow, Equip, Favor with, Feed, Fill, Fill up, Find, Fix, Fix up, Forearm, Fund, Furnish, Get ready, Give, Hand, Hand over, Heap upon, Indulge with, Invest, Keep, Lavish upon, Lay down, Lend, Look after, Maintain, Make arrangements, Make available, Make preparations, Make provision for, Make ready, Marshal, Minister to, Mobilize, Offer, Outfit, Plan, Pour on, Prearrange, Prep, Prepare, Prepare for, Present, Pretreat, Process, Produce, Provender, Provide for, Purvey, Put in shape, Ready, Ready up, Recruit, Replenish, Require, Settle preliminaries, Shower down upon, Specify, State, Stipulate, Stock, Stock up, Store, Subsidize, Supply, Support, Take care of, Take measures, Take precautions, Tan, Transfer, Treat, Trim, Try out, Turn over, Victual, Yield

How to use Provide in a sentence?

  1. The man was really intelligent, had a good job and could provide for his family with a steady and reliable income.
  2. These clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area.
  3. Sometime after April 18, 1378, he was provided to the bishopric by Urban, and consecrated before March 26, 1379.
  4. New qualifications must provide for changes in technology.
  5. As head of the household, his goal was to bring in an adequate income in order to provide a financial security for his wife and daughter.
  6. The order should be varied to provide that there would be no contact with the father.
  7. As a parent I try to provide both emotional and physical report for example: food, clothing, and shelter as well as hugs, reassurance, love, guidance and discipline.

Meaning of Provide & Provide Definition

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