Definition of Provenance:

  1. The place of origin or earliest known history of something.

  2. Office of origin of a record: that specific office or department where a (1) record is either originally created or received in the conduct of its business and (2) where it is subsequently accumulated or stored.

Synonyms of Provenance

Origin, Source, Place of origin, Beginning, Commencement, Conception, Derivation, Fountain, Genesis, Grass roots, Head, Inception, Origin, Original, Origination, Provenience, Radical, Radix, Rise, Root, Source, Stem, Stock, Taproot, Well, Wellspring, Whence

How to use Provenance in a sentence?

  1. An orange rug of Iranian provenance.

Meaning of Provenance & Provenance Definition


How Do You Define Provenance?

  • Creator, trusted, proprietary record for the beginning and date / evolution / movement of the created work (originally called a work of art, but now also for all created works, such as writing, computer programs, etc.) Providing evidence, appropriate, etc. from works where the authenticity and quality of the work is shown or endorsed. The term eats, comes from the Latin pro, char and veneer.

Meanings of Provenance

  1. Original or old history of a place.

Sentences of Provenance

  1. Orion's carpet