Prouder Or More Proud

Prouder Or More Proud

Is it fair to say that you can't be too proud?

1. The comparative form of pride is more proud.

This is grammatically correct.

2. Can't be more proud It means I'm very proud right now.

It is used to express a statement that contradicts the facts.

This is also grammatically correct.

FIER is a comparative form of pride because it has a letter.

Now the two sentences have different meanings.

First of all, it means that you are proud of someone or something and refer to the present age.

1. My daughter got top marks in her training, I can't be too proud.

In other words, it is about past events and how you felt at that time.

2. My daughter won a spell fly when she was little, I couldn't be more proud

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

You should write more pride in both sentences, because that is the right way to compare pride.

Pride in more than one word

Pride or pride

There is another way to use pride, correct grammar and good manners.

Since pride is just a word, more pride is good. We usually make the adjective srt comparative or excellent and order more to tse at least two letters.

Prouder Or More Proud