Definition of Prototype:

  1. Pre-production models of products designed for full service testing. Changes based on test results are placed on the prototype, which will pass the same test again. After achieving the desired result, the product is approved for series production.

  2. Prototype (product)

  3. A typical model or the first start of something, especially a machine, from which other shapes are created or copied.

Synonyms of Prototype

Imitatee, Formal cause, Ideal, Precedent, Criterion, Quintessence, Formation, Transcendent universal, Antitype, Pilot model, Illustration, Archetype, Inner form, Foregoer, Innovation, Paradigm, Example, Classic example, Style, Standard, Set, The realized ideal, Pattern of perfection, Mode, Format, New departure, Simple idea, Type species, Sample, Highest category, Innate idea, Form, Instance, Mould, Analogue, Exemplar, Genotype, Kantian idea, Eternal universal, Type, Norm, Complex idea, Impression, Figuration, Geistesgeschichte, Precursor, The Absolute, Representative, Eternal object, Original, Modality, Art form, Layout, Lead, Idee-force, Configuration, Noosphere, Universal concept, Significant form, Ideate, Idealism, Frame, Turn, Classic, Antetype, Ancestor, Platonic idea, Referent, Cast, Pattern, Stamp, Fugleman, Structure, Matrix, Ideatum, Model, Mold, Build, Metaphor, Predecessor, Fashion, Fugler, Regulative first principle, Urtext, Biotype, Rule, Conformation, Makeup, First, Epitome, History of ideas, Percept, Cut, Paragon, Shape, Platonic form, Very model, Universal essence, The Absolute Idea, Make, Masterwork, Universal, Genre, Transcendent nonempirical concept, Antecedent, Hegelian idea, Subsistent form, Type specimen, Masterpiece, Figure, The Self-determined, Mirror, Noumenon, Aesthetic form, Transcendent idea

How to use Prototype in a sentence?

  1. The company is testing a prototype of the weapon.
  2. The prototype tested did not meet any of the requirements, resulting in a complete overhaul of the prototype, which was thought to be successful.
  3. He managed to get a prototype of his plane and show that he was making promises in the aviation industry, which made the audience hopeful.
  4. Mercedes is developing a sunroof prototype that can range from transparent to colorful.
  5. As a new innovative product approaches production, a prototype is created, a practical model that will be tested in events and modified based on those tests.

Meaning of Prototype & Prototype Definition