Protected Rights

Protected Rights,

What is Protected Rights?

  1. Property rights are a type of pension fund. A pension fund is money that comes to you from a state that has been outsourced to another state pension fund or what is now commonly known as S2P. All rights reserved. It is now treated like any other franchise.

Literal Meanings of Protected Rights


Meanings of Protected:
  1. Damage protection, especially through formal or legal proceedings.

  2. Avoid damage or injury.

Sentences of Protected
  1. Medical facilities have special protection status under international law.

  2. Trying to save Kelly from ■■■■■■

Synonyms of Protected

secured, safeguard, tend, safeguarded, shield, shelter, mount/stand guard on, fortify, inoculate, safe, preserve, screen, guarded, keep, cushion, look after, harbour, guard, mind, hedge, out of danger, save, house, sheltered, keep from harm, take care of, secure, defend, care for


Meanings of Rights:
  1. Which is morally correct, just or honorable.

  2. The moral or legal right to do or be done.

  3. Right, direction or direction.

  4. Groups or parties that support conservative or reactionary views.

  5. Restore normal or real condition.

Sentences of Rights
  1. He does not know the difference between right and wrong.

  2. He has a right to be angry.

  3. Take the first right

  4. We straighten the inverted canoe.

  5. A major cut in defense spending is needed for economic recovery.

Synonyms of Rights

virtuousness, prerogative, power, permission, mend, redress, licence, due, indemnity, equity, privilege, better, impartiality, droit, integrity, legality, correct, deal with, turn back over, straighten out, repair, righteousness, virtue, authorization, remedy, truthfulness