Protected Cell Captive (PCC)

Protected Cell Captive (PCC),

What is Protected Cell Captive (PCC)?

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Literal Meanings of Protected Cell Captive (PCC)


Meanings of Protected:
  1. Protected from harm, especially through formal or legal action.

Synonyms of Protected

preserved, safeguarded, guarded, sheltered, safe, in safe hands, out of danger, secured


Meanings of Cell:
  1. A small room where a prisoner is kept or where a monk or nun sleeps.

  2. The smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, usually consisting of a microscope and a cytoplasm surrounded by a membrane and a nucleus. Microscopic organisms usually consist of a single cell, ie, eukaryotic or prakaryotic.

  3. A small group that is a major part of political activity is often mysterious and destructive.

  4. An instrument containing electrodes is immersed in an electrolyte and used to generate electricity.

  5. A local area included in a short-distance transmitter on a cell phone system.

Sentences of Cell
  1. Authorities locked all the other prisoners in their cells.

  2. When this happens, the cytoplasm of the two cells fuses, but the nucleus stays separate and distinct.

  3. Weapons can be used to arm terrorist cells.

  4. This is considered important when soldering heat sensitive parts such as mini mini battery cells or sensitive electronic devices.

  5. The service operates in a local area called Cellular.

Synonyms of Cell

wing, coterie, oubliette, party, caucus, section, arm, cell, accumulator, prison, unit, lock-up, group, power unit, faction, nucleus, clan, dungeon, clique


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or a caged animal

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. Police handcuffed the detainees

  2. This property is used for captive fighters in captivity.

Synonyms of Captive

locked up, convict, confined, caged, penned up, detainee, incarcerated, inmate, prisoner