1. You can define PROSTHETIC DEVICE as, Artificial substitutes for human body parts such as artificial eyes, artificial eyes, appendicitis (legs, arms, hands, etc.). Walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs and the like are not considered prostheses, but orthopedic devices that are attached to the body.

Literal Meanings of PROSTHETIC DEVICE


Meanings of PROSTHETIC:
  1. This refers to the transplantation of artificial parts of the body such as organs, heart or breast.

  2. This refers to a letter or letter at the beginning of a word, as in Spanish schools, which comes from the Latin school.

  3. The prosthesis is part of the prosthesis.

Sentences of PROSTHETIC
  1. He was wearing a prosthetic leg because it was amputated

  2. The three charities that work there make prostheses and help amputated people walk.


Meanings of DEVICE:
  1. Some creations or adaptations created for certain uses, especially mechanical or electronic equipment.

  2. A plan, method or proposal with a specific purpose.

  3. Photos or pictures

Sentences of DEVICE
  1. Measuring equipment

  2. Writing public letters is a traditional way of expressing dissent

  3. Decorative accessories on the invitation

Synonyms of DEVICE

implement, gadget, utensil, tool, appliance, piece of equipment, apparatus, piece of apparatus, piece of hardware, instrument, machine, mechanism, contrivance, contraption, invention, convenience, amenity, aid, ploy, plan, cunning plan, tactic, move, means, stratagem, scheme