Definition of Prosperity:

  1. State of well-being

  2. The phase of the economic cycle with relatively low unemployment and high incomes, which results in higher purchasing power (if inflation remains low).

Synonyms of Prosperity

Economic growth, Era of prosperity, Growth, Thriving, Bottomless purse, Economic cycle, Assets, Upper bracket, Millennium, Affluence, Peak, Recession, Affluence, Bulging purse, Peaking, Advantage, Low, The good life, Plenty, Treasure, Benefit, Victory, Halcyon days, Success, Golden time, Independence, Ease, Money, Wealthiness, Palmy days, Golden era, Sunshine, Welfare, Wealth, Business cycle, The good life, Fortunate outcome, Expansion, High tax bracket, Bounty, Easy circumstances, Prosperous issue, Well-being, Ease, Embarras de richesses, Money to burn, Interest, Saturnian age, Luxury, Fortune, Property, Abundance, Success, Fortune, Handsome fortune, Substance, Upturn, Mammon, Golden age, Bed of roses, Good fortune, Business fluctuations, Gold, Wealth, Life of ease, Profitability, Arrival, Piping times, Moneybags, Fair weather, Opulency, Richness, Depression, Lucre, Slowdown, Luxuriousness, Economic expansion, Easy street, Good times, Expanding economy, Comfort, Pelf, Cooling off, Riches, Utopia, Recovery, Rosy era, Six-figure income, Market expansion, Downturn, Bust, Saturnia regna, ■■■■, Slump, Reign of Saturn, Crisis, Inflation, Riches, High growth rate, Security, Age of Aquarius, Accomplishment, Possessions, Plenty, Good fortune, Prosperousness, Good, Heaven, High income, Bottoming out, Well-being, Material wealth, Opulence, Heyday, Opulence, Do, Go

How to use Prosperity in a sentence?

  1. My dad, a car dealer, had a great year because of the many people in our city thanks to the recent turnout.
  2. The well-being of the people living in the society is affected by the wonderful events that make the environment prosperous.
  3. A long period of prosperity.
  4. It was a time of expansion, when workers were happy, employers made a profit and everyone thought good times would continue.

Meaning of Prosperity & Prosperity Definition