Definition of Prospectus:

  1. A legal document issued by any company that offers its securities to the public for sale. It must meet strict legal requirements and be subject to the approval of state securities inspectors, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Securities and Investment Board (SIB). From the UK. The prospectus should contain important information, such as (1) Company objectives, (2) Key business activities, (3) Training and qualifications of key managers, (4) Current financial situation, (5) Annual financial statement forecast. , (6) Assumptions that shed light on forecasts, (7) Predictable risk to the company, (8) Offer price (shares) and (9) (Bonds and notes) How will you pay interest? And the principal of the loan. . Prospectuses are sometimes preceded by a circular offer (called a red herring) and / or an initial disclosure (called a pioneer), but although it is legal, it is not a legal document.

  2. Print materials that promote or explain school, company, future books, etc. to attract or inform customers, members, buyers, or investors.

Synonyms of Prospectus

List of agenda, Desideration, Probability, Mind, Presage, Description, Docket, Purpose, Animus, Sake, Roster, Striving, Description, Apocalypse, Program, Game plan, Desire, Playbill, Protocol, Budget, Prefiguring, Scheme, Schedule, Outline, Calendar, Forecast, Determination, Announcement, Projection, Prophesying, Foreshowing, Will, Intendment, Ambition, Resolution, Plan, Programma, Desideratum, Vaticination, Bill, Prediction, Foretelling, Announcement, Soothsay, Resolve, Proposal, Nisus, Aspiration, Slate, Motive, Presentiment, Bill of fare, Foreboding, Design, Program of operation, Proposition, Project, Prefigurement, Improbability, Carte du jour, Intent, Guesswork, Batting order, Agenda, Aim, Promise, Function, Forecasting, Speculation, Effect, View, Fixed purpose, Foresight, Prognosis, Idea, Intention, Brochure, Omen, Blueprint, Counsel, Statistical prediction, Preshowing, Prefiguration, Card, Lineup, Study, Presaging, Prophecy, Prognostication, Advertisement, Point, Meaning, Conspectus, Presignifying, Scenario, Actuarial prediction, Menu

How to use Prospectus in a sentence?

  1. Investment firms usually send their prospects to anyone who is interested in choosing a financial product or investment.
  2. Brokers are required to distribute potential reports with historical data, returns and basic information for each stock or mutual fund in their client portfolio.
  3. Read the college / university prospectus after finding a job in the field of your choice.
  4. The company is working hard to create the perfect possibility, in the hope that investors will find the company worthy of its capital.

Meaning of Prospectus & Prospectus Definition


What Does Prospectus Mean?

  • Prospectus means: A prospectus is a formal document required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that includes details of a public offering of an investment. The possibilities of offering stocks, bonds and investment funds will be presented. These documents can help investors make more informed investment decisions as they contain a wealth of information on investment safety.

    • The Securities and Exchange Commission requires the public to prepare prospectuses from issuers when offering securities.
    • The prospectus contains details about the investment guarantee and its offer.
    • Mutual fund prospectuses include details of investment objectives, strategies, performance, distribution policies, fees and fund management.
    • Investing risks are usually revealed at the outset of the prospectus and will be explained in more detail later in the document.

  • Prospectus means: The Securities and Exchange Commission needs a legal document and has to file it. Provide the public with details and facts about the investment offered for sale, so that consumers can make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Prospectus means, A document issued by a company that offers its own shares for sale and information such as activities, objectives, finances, etc. Books published by the company through universities or schools with information on degree programs, etc.

  • Documents that describe specific security features for the purpose of educating investors. The SEC needs it.

Meanings of Prospectus

  1. Printed content that promotes or illustrates a school, trade company, upcoming book, etc. to attract or inform customers, members, buyers, or investors.

Sentences of Prospectus

  1. Once you find a job in your chosen field, read the college / university prospectus.

Synonyms of Prospectus

design , catalogue , conspectus , scheme , synopsis , syllabus , plan , announcement