Definition of Prospective:

  1. (Someone) is expected or expected to be special in the future.

  2. Hopefully, possibly, or maybe. Prospective students study at the desired university. We have received some details about future contracts proposed by our competitors.

Synonyms of Prospective

Presumed, Incipient, Projected, Approaching, Impending, Awaited, Predicted, Desired, Extrapolated, Determined, Anticipated, Prospective, To be, Ultimate, Imminent, Futuristic, Hereafter, Destinal, Hoped-for, Probable, Future, Destined, Due, Nearing, On the horizon, To come, Planned, Prophesied, Overdue, Promised, Planned, Destined, In view, Anticipated, Potential, Intended, Long-expected, Expected, Later, Fatal, Foreseen, To-be, Coming, In prospect, Plotted, Pending, Expected, Eventual, Forthcoming, Fatidic, Emergent, Fated

How to use Prospective in a sentence?

  1. The next job, a major law firm, was difficult to interview and she hopes it will go well.
  2. Greta meets her potential boyfriend online and wants to know if the on-screen chemistry will turn into a real relationship.
  3. The group is tense and thought-provoking, looking forward to a possible merger with a larger company. Integration is not final.
  4. It showed the house to potential buyers.

Meaning of Prospective & Prospective Definition