Prospective State Employee

Prospective State Employee,

What Does Prospective State Employee Mean?

  • Meaning of Prospective State Employee: A person being considered for a job in a government agency.

Literal Meanings of Prospective State Employee


Meanings of Prospective:
  1. (Someone) hopes or hopes to be special in the future.

Sentences of Prospective
  1. Show the house to potential buyers

Synonyms of Prospective

to be, intended, expected, prospective, planned, anticipated, destined


Meanings of State:
  1. Express something in confidence or in plain words or in writing.

  2. Present or introduce in a recipe (theme or melody).

  3. Someone's specific situation or something else at any time.

  4. A nation or region that is considered an organized political party under the government.

  5. Civil government of a country.

  6. Dignity and ceremony are associated with monarchy or high-level government.

  7. The impression of the plate is sometimes painted or engraved.

  8. Provided or influenced by the civil government of a country.

Sentences of State
  1. More than 51% of voters reportedly did not turn out

  2. It starts with a bass that provides melody and an ecological environment that allows anyone to be alone.

  3. The financial condition of Kiwangan Company

  4. Germany, Italy and other European countries

  5. Services provided by the government

  6. Buried in the state

  7. Longitude plate, dry point, first state eight

  8. The future of public education

  9. Queen Elizabeth's official visit to Hungary

Synonyms of State

say, promulgate, publish, position, express, republic, give voice to, public, ceremonial, empire, governmental, divulge, the council, pronounce, the authorities, polity, assert, reveal, state of affairs, make known, government


Meanings of Employee:
  1. A person who works for a salary or for a salary, especially at a non-executive level.

Sentences of Employee
  1. Generally, there is no formal structure for employee representation at the board level.

Synonyms of Employee

member of the workforce, worker, member of staff