Prospective Payment

Prospective Payment,

Prospective Payment:

  • Prospective Payment refers to Advances in medical expenses that may arise.

  • The same amount is paid to the company for the maintenance of insurance based on a fixed amount related to the assessment.

Literal Meanings of Prospective Payment


Meanings of Prospective:
  1. (Someone) is expected or expected to be special in the future.

Sentences of Prospective
  1. Show the house to potential buyers

Synonyms of Prospective

anticipated, planned, to be, prospective, destined, expected, intended


Meanings of Payment:
  1. The act or process of paying or receiving something or something.

  2. Paid or payable

Sentences of Payment
  1. Apply for a cash discount

  2. A $ 2,500 interim settlement

Synonyms of Payment

liquidation, instalment, amount, reckoning, settlement, remission, discharge, premium, remittance, clearance