Definition of Prosecution:

  1. A legal process in which an individual is charged with a crime by an individual (state) prosecutor, a U.S. District Attorney, or a State Attorney.

  2. Find an action plan to complete it.

  3. Initiate and conduct legal action against someone based on a criminal complaint.

Synonyms of Prosecution

Prosecution, Insinuation, Pursuance, Denunciation, Implication, Lawsuit, Proceedings, Tracking, Innuendo, Delation, Action, Performance, Veiled accusation, Execution, Trailing, Carrying out, Indictment, Accusing, Follow-up, Accusation, Cause in court, Laying of charges, Blame, Charge, Unspoken accusation, Observance, Effectuation, Shadowing, Legal process, Trial, Fulfillment, Indictment, Administration, Reproach, Application, Completion, Charge, Quest, Dogging, Hue and cry, Pursuit, Accusation, Bringing of charges, Following, Suit, Execution, Impeachment, Tracking down, Enactment, Hunting, Denunciation, Legal remedy, Searching, Suit at law, Cause, Accusal, Summons, Plaint, Legal case, Information, Stalking, Case, Count, Discharge, Legal proceedings, Taxing, Arraignment, Carrying through, Carrying out, Seeking, Denouncement, True bill, Bringing to book, Legal action, Allegation, Allegement, Citation, Follow, Judicial process, Bill of particulars, Litigation, Chase, Pursuing, Complaint, Imputation, Transaction, Enforcement

How to use Prosecution in a sentence?

  1. They have no means of bringing a private case.
  2. Defendant was very concerned about the prosecution because he did not have a good lawyer to work with.
  3. The young man was prosecuted in court after he broke the window of his shop in the neighborhood and refused to pay damages.
  4. The prosecution argued that the defendants deliberately took bribes and managed to substantiate the allegations based on their supervision that the defendant was arrested during his criminal investigation.

Meaning of Prosecution & Prosecution Definition