How To Define Prosecute?

  • Definition of Prosecute: Bring a criminal complaint against someone to court.

Meanings of Prosecute

  1. Take legal action against (a person or organization)

  2. Proceed to (Action Plan) to complete it.

Sentences of Prosecute

  1. He was charged with obstruction

  2. A serious threat to the government's ability to continue the war

Synonyms of Prosecute

achieve, administer, enact, put into practice, accomplish, bring about, discharge, put into effect, implement, fulfil, carry off, attain, perform, enforce, engineer, realize, bring off, effect, carry through, complete, do, prosecute


Prosecute: What is the Meaning of Prosecute?

  • Definition of Prosecute: File a lawsuit against someone in court.

Meanings of Prosecute

  1. Initiate or take legal action against (a person or organization).

  2. Move towards its completion (action plan).

Sentences of Prosecute

  1. Attempts are being made to block them.