Definition of Proprietor:

  1. The owner of a business, or a holder of property.

  2. Sole owner, or one of the owners.

Synonyms of Proprietor

Owner, Possessor, Holder, Keeper, Freeholder, Landowner, Squire, Landlord, Landlady, Master, Mistress, Proprietress, Beneficiary, Cestui, Cestui que trust, Cestui que use, Deedholder, Feoffee, Feudatory, Holder, Householder, Innkeeper, Laird, Landholder, Landlady, Landlord, Landowner, Licensee, Lord, Manager, Master, Mesne, Mesne lord, Mistress, Owner, Partner, Possessor, Property owner, Proprietary, Proprietress, Proprietrix, Publican, Rentier, Squire, Titleholder

How to use Proprietor in a sentence?

  1. Chinese restaurant proprietors.

Meaning of Proprietor & Proprietor Definition