Definition of Proprietary:

  1. Characteristic of, or relating to, a proprietor.

  2. Made, offered, or sold only under the exclusive rights of the property ownership (governed by copyright, patent, and trade secret laws) of a manufacturer, offeror, or seller. Proprietary items usually have distinctive characteristics or features, and are often incompatible with competing items.

  3. An owner; proprietor.

  4. Relating to an owner or ownership.

Synonyms of Proprietary

Balm, Balsam, Beneficiary, Cestui, Cestui que trust, Cestui que use, Deedholder, Dominion, Dominium, Drops, Drug, Electuary, Elixir, Ethical drug, Feoffee, Feudatory, Generic name, Herbs, Householder, Inhalant, Laird, Land tenure, Landed, Landholding, Landlady, Landlord, Landownership, Landowning, Lincture, Linctus, Lord, Lordship, Master, Materia medica, Medicament, Medication, Medicinal, Medicinal herbs, Medicine, Mesne, Mesne lord, Mistress, Mixture, Nonprescription drug, Officinal, Overlordship, Owner, Ownership, Patent medicine, Pharmacon, Physic, Possession, Possessive, Possessorship, Possessory, Powder, Preparation, Prescription drug, Propertied, Property, Proprietary medicine, Proprietary name, Proprietor, Proprietorship, Proprietress, Proprietrix, Rentier, Seigniory, Simples, Sovereignty, Squire, Syrup, Theraputant, Tisane, Titleholder, Vegetable remedies

How to use Proprietary in a sentence?

  1. Many companies require new hires to sign confidentiality agreements to promise that they will not provide proprietary information to other companies that may use it to compete with the company.
  2. The company has a proprietary right to the property.
  3. The woman has a proprietary right to the house because she has paid it in full, no one can take it away from her without permission.
  4. Certain pieces of technology use proprietary charging cables so that other vendors cannot simply remake their own cables and sell for a cheaper price.

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