Definition of Propose:

  1. Make an offer of marriage to someone.

  2. Put forward (an idea or plan) for consideration or discussion by others.

  3. Act of making a proposition, a declaration, a plan, or a suggestion. For example, an individual may propose or suggest a different course of action than what was initially planned.

Synonyms of Propose

Ask someone to marry you, Make an offer of marriage, Offer marriage, Ask for someones hand in marriage, Put forward, Suggest, Advance, Offer, Present, Move, Submit, Prefer, File, Lodge, Table, Initiate, Bring, Bring forward, Come up with, Tender, Bid, Project, Recommend, Advocate, Propound, Proffer, Posit, Advance, Advise, Advocate, Aim, Aim at, Ask, Aspire after, Aspire to, Assert, Be after, Become engaged, Bid, Brief, Bring before, Bring forward, Bring up, Broach, Call attention to, Coach, Come up with, Commend to attention, Confer, Consult with, Contemplate, Counsel, Design, Designate, Desire, Destine, Determine, Direct, Drive at, Expect, Go for, Guide, Harbor a design, Have every intention, Instruct, Intend, Introduce, Kibitz, Launch, Lay before, Lay down, Make a motion, Mean, Meddle, Mind, Moot, Move, Name, Name for office, Nominate, Offer, Offer a resolution, Open up, Plan, Pop the question, Pose, Posit, Postulate, Predicate, Prefer, Prescribe, Present, Proffer, Project, Proposition, Propound, Purport, Purpose, Put, Put forth, Put forward, Put it to, Put up, Recommend, Request, Resolve, Run, Run for office, Set before, Set forth, Solicit, Start, Submit, Suggest, Table, Tender, Think

How to use Propose in a sentence?

  1. He proposed a new nine-point peace plan.
  2. I have already proposed to Sarah.

Meaning of Propose & Propose Definition