Definition of Proposal:

  1. A plan or proposal, especially formal or in writing, that is presented to another person for consideration and discussion.

  2. Requested or immovable by a party to a presentation, or provided (or purchased) some goods or services from another party (or). Unlike an offer, a proposal is neither a promise nor a commitment, but if the other party accepts it, its supporters must abide by and negotiate the agreement. When submitted in response to a Proposal for Proposal (RFP), it is usually a reference.

  3. Marriage proposal

Synonyms of Proposal

Guidance, Project, Intendment, Function, Council, Sexual advance, Desideration, Approach, Direction, Advocacy, Mind, Instance, Offer of marriage, Offer, Advising, Caution, Desire, Intent, Prospectus, Pass, Proffer, Scheme, Animus, Proposition, Expostulation, Hortation, Briefing, Tender, Bid, Advice, Recommendation, Nomination, Project, Tender, Proposition, Indecent proposal, Manifesto, Scheme, Suggestion, Remonstrance, Designation, Suggestion, Will, Motive, Naming, Game plan, Warning, Sake, Study, Marriage proposal, Recommendation, View, Design, Counsel, Opinion, Draft, Fixed purpose, Purpose, Intention, Nisus, Point, Effect, Request, Idea, Monition, Presentation, Engagement, Invitation, Desideratum, Terms, Plan, Programme, Thought, Meaning, Resolve, Striving, Plan, Presentation, Exhortation, Layout, Parley, Determination, Scenario, Consultation, Instruction, Resolution, Motion, Aspiration, Caveat, Admonition, Ambition, Submission, Improper suggestion, Outline, Aim, Overture, Motion, Projection, Bid, Draft

How to use Proposal in a sentence?

  1. I want to present my idea to my team and I hope they will accept it. So I worked hard on my proposal.
  2. A series of tips for a major new high-speed line.
  3. During the meeting, they offered to provide us with the building materials needed to complete the project.
  4. Are you sure any woman is as beautiful as you suggest?
  5. The offer to purchase the offer was voted on by all shareholders and the decision was taken unanimously in the first vote.

Meaning of Proposal & Proposal Definition



Proposal can be defined as, Agreement between the insured and the insurer that defines the general conditions

There is a consultation registration form that you fill out if you want to insure. The completed application form is an offer you make to complete the insurance contract and the insurer can accept, change or reject it.

Sentences of Proposal

  1. Do you think a woman should be just as beautiful?