Definition of Proportional:

  1. Corresponding in size or amount to something else.

  2. Part or share corresponding to, or bearing an intended relationship with, other parts or shares of a whole divided according to a formula or rule.

Synonyms of Proportional

Corresponding, Proportionate, Comparable, In proportion, Pro rata, Commensurate, Equivalent, Consistent, Relative, Correlated, Correlative, Analogous, Analogical, 3-D, Affinitive, Analogical, Analogous, Appertaining, Associative, Balanced, Commensurable, Commensurate, Comparable, Comparative, Compatible, Congenial, Connective, Consistent, Contingent, Correlated, Correlative, Corresponding, Cubic, Dependent, Dimensional, Distributional, Distributive, En rapport, Equal, Even stephen, Fifty-fifty, Flat, Fourth-dimensional, Half, Half-and-half, Halvers, Harmonious, In accordance with, Linking, Particular, Per capita, Per head, Pertaining, Pertinent, Pro rata, Proportionable, Proportionate, Proportioned, Prorated, Reciprocal, Referable, Referring, Related, Relating, Relational, Relative, Respective, Several, Space, Space-time, Spatial, Spatiotemporal, Spherical, Stereoscopic, Superficial, Surface, Symmetrical, Sympathetic, Three-dimensional, Two-dimensional, Volumetric

How to use Proportional in a sentence?

  1. I cut the pieces into eight slices to make it proportional to the amount of guests we had, which was four.
  2. The punishment should be proportional to the crime.
  3. When dividing up the money from a big contract you must make sure that the proportional amounts go to the right places.
  4. The cost of goods is directly proportional to our supply chain efficiency. When we operate optimally our costs go down.

Meaning of Proportional & Proportional Definition

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