Property rights

Property rights,

Definition of Property rights:

  1. Bundle of rights an entity has in a thing owned. These are among the most basic rights in a free society. No right to property, however, is absolute in any society.

How to use Property rights in a sentence?

  1. Knowing what the property rights are of your location will help to let you know how you can proceed with some projects.
  2. The property rights were infringed upon by the trespassers which in turn made us increase our monetary expenditure on security.
  3. The deed in his hands gives him the property rights to the land and all its chattel. You can consider the pond to be his, the line on the land is until the barn.

Meaning of Property rights & Property rights Definition

Property Rights,

Property Rights: What is the Meaning of Property Rights?

  1. Property rights determine the ideological and legal ownership of resources and how they can be used. These resources can be tangible or immovable and can be owned by individuals, companies and governments.

    • Property rights determine the ideological and legal ownership of resources and how they can be used.
    • Ownership can be owned by individuals, companies and governments.
    • These rights explain the benefits of owning a property.

Literal Meanings of Property Rights


Meanings of Property:
  1. Something or things that belong to someone collectively

  2. An attribute, quality, or feature of something.

Sentences of Property
  1. He wants to get Oliver and his belongings out of the house

  2. Heat properties to evenly increase the metal

Synonyms of Property

goods, possessions, stuff, attribute, characteristic, quality, trait, movables, feature, mark, things, hallmark, effects, worldly goods, personal effects, power, belongings, chattels


Meanings of Rights:
  1. Restore to normal or correct condition.

  2. What is morally correct, fair or honorable?

  3. The moral or legal right to do or be done.

  4. Right, direction or direction.

  5. A group or party that supports conservative or reactionary ideologies.

  6. Morally good, justified or acceptable.

  7. Satisfactory, healthy, or in normal condition or condition.

  8. Towards a person's body or object or towards the east when the person or object is facing north

  9. Fully complete (used for emphasis)

  10. Prefer conservative or reactionary ideas.

Sentences of Rights
  1. We straighten the inverted canoe

  2. Large reductions in defense spending are needed for economic recovery

  3. He does not understand the difference between right and wrong

  4. He has a right to be angry

  5. Take the first right

  6. Hopefully we will do the right thing

  7. This sausage has no smell

  8. Are you politically right, left or center?

Synonyms of Rights

honour, uprightness, set to rights, set right, out-and-out, perfectly, honourableness, wholly, unalloyed, birthright, totally, upright, rectify, completely, entitlement, permission, licence, quite, thoroughly, leave, put right, sort out, fully, put to rights