Property insurance

Property insurance,

Definition of Property insurance:

  1. Insurance that covers the owner or another person with an interest in a property. The insurance covers the loss of income produced through or because of the property.

Meaning of Property insurance & Property insurance Definition

Property Insurance,

Definition of Property Insurance:

  • Property Insurance means, Certainly the important part that will compensate for the loss of property or the use of equipment for the good or part of the person who has the ability to avenge this loss or manners is due to a risky couple. And that is fire or explosion. In this regard, property insurance covers land transport, boiler and machinery (BM) insurance and insurance and insurance against crime and fire insurance, which is now only property insurance.

  • Meaning of Property Insurance: Property insurance is a broad term for policies that provide homeowners protection or liability insurance. Property insurance provides financial compensation to the owner or tenant of a building in the event of loss and theft, and to persons other than the owner or tenant if the person is injured on the property.

    • Property insurance refers to a number of policies that provide property protection or liability insurance.
    • Property insurance can include, among other things, home insurance, tenant insurance, flood insurance and earthquake insurance.
    • The three types of property insurance coverage include replacement costs, real cash value and rising replacement costs.

  • You can define Property Insurance as,

    Property insurance refers to a variety of policies, including structure, ownership and liabilities.

Literal Meanings of Property Insurance


Meanings of Property:
  1. Anything or things that belong to someone's community.

  2. A building or buildings and their ownership.

  3. The right to own, use or dispose of property.

  4. An attribute, quality, or feature of something.

Sentences of Property
  1. Stolen property not found

  2. During the arrests, stolen property was found from two robbery victims in the center of the city.

  3. He was also charged with possession of stolen property in connection with the March 11 incident.

  4. Police recommended charges of possession, theft and tampering with the stolen property against the man.

  5. He knew immediately that his mother would hunt down Ferdinand's money, even his possessions.

  6. Others get into cars and steal people's property, making residents feel unsafe in their environment.

  7. Valuable property was stolen, but the worst damage was left behind.

Synonyms of Property

things, land, belongings, effects, power, feature, acres, house, goods, buildings, personal effects, chattels, hallmark, houses, stuff, premises, mark, acreage, trait, movables, attribute


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. Procedures or agreements used by companies or government agencies to guarantee compensation for certain losses, injuries, illnesses or deaths in return for payment of premiums.

  2. Insurance activity

  3. Payment for insurance.

  4. The amount is paid as insurance policy compensation.

  5. Something to protect against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. In large companies, group health insurance protects individuals in expensive situations, in which they are included in more favorable conditions.

  2. Identity theft is becoming more common in the UK, as many companies now offer insurance to protect themselves from this increasingly common type of fraud.

  3. The need for adequate insurance coverage is also growing.

  4. All other employees will not be insured.

  5. In this case, private insurance is no longer possible.

  6. If your parents need long-term care now, you will not be able to get insurance.

  7. In the event of a security breach, the military cannot purchase insurance for its own protection.

  8. This is probably due to the rumors that people who stop speeding or drive without insurance can avoid criminal prosecution.

Synonyms of Insurance

financial protection, security, precaution, surety, safeguard, provision, defence, preventive measure, cover, indemnification, protection, shelter, safety measure, immunity

Property Insurance,

What is The Meaning of Property Insurance?

  1. Personal and personal property insurance against loss or damage to property.

  2. This type of insurance provides insurers with compensation for property (real or personal) damage that results in direct physical damage or loss due to insured hazards (fire, explosion, storm, etc.).

  3. Insurance that protects real estate and personal property from damage or damage due to hazards such as fire, theft, storm, hail, explosion, riot, aircraft, motor vehicle, vandalism, malicious crimes, riots and hazards such as smoke Provides financial security for . Depending on the assets to be insured, available in special and risk formats.

Literal Meanings of Property Insurance


Sentences of Property
  1. They also found money and stolen property in other items related to the defendant.

  2. People steal goods because they are blocked by landmines.

  3. By securing the security property, the police can identify the stolen property and return it to the owner.

  4. In principle, the more material damage you do or the more property you steal, the heavier the fine.

  5. Interventions and searches are carried out when the police have good reason to suspect that someone is carrying weapons or stolen goods.

  6. Over the years, we've heard from time to time that there are plans to dump debris and save valuable assets.

  7. He stole property from my store which he knew was mine.

  8. Thousands of pounds of land have been stolen on the outskirts of the city in recent weeks.

  9. Loyal flamboyants were charged with criminal possession and concealment.

Synonyms of Property

estates, characteristic, worldly goods


Sentences of Insurance
  1. Can a complete reliance on parental insurance increase camp healthcare costs?

  2. The best protection is proper helmet insurance.

  3. However, the risk offered by insurance increases the safety of the manufacturer as well.

  4. Disability insurance is designed to protect your most valuable assets, the scope of your earnings.

  5. If borrowed, most of the money will cover the interest and insurance costs on the loan if the spouse loses his job.

  6. The company said the health insurance proposal would save them from rising costs.

Property Insurance,

What is The Meaning of Property Insurance?

Property Insurance refers to Insurance that protects against damage to the company's assets and equipment from theft, fire or other hazards. Protection from all hazards includes all of the above. Risk coverage only covers specific risks specified in the policy.

Property insurance provides exemptions for insurers whose assets have been stolen, damaged or endangered. Term property insurance covers direct or indirect damage to property through various types of insurance.

Financial protection against damage or loss of personal property from hazards such as fire, hail, storm, theft, explosion, civil unrest, aircraft, motor vehicles, riots, civil unrest and vandalism and smoke.

Literal Meanings of Property Insurance


Sentences of Property
  1. Before fleeing the scene, after a 30-minute ordeal, the men stole items from the victims' bags.

  2. And many have seen their property stolen or destroyed.

  3. I wonder if you knew that your property was stolen by fanatics.

  4. My art is still my art, but now these characters belong to him.

  5. This series and its characters are mine and can only be used with my permission.


Sentences of Insurance
  1. At the very least, we have agricultural insurance that provides good protection against decisions that go bad.

  2. If it falls within the legal definition of insurance, consumers can be protected in two ways.

  3. Yesterday I got a call from the bank about a person who wants to sell me card protection insurance.

  4. We all need insurance to protect ourselves and our families, homes and property.

  5. There are three policies available in the market for life insurance, mortgage protection and life insurance.

  6. Accidents are possible and automakers are given emergency insurance unless they are on the race track.