Property Administrator

Property Administrator,

What Does Property Administrator Mean?

  1. An authorized representative of the contracting agency accused the Crown Prince of fulfilling his obligations and the terms of the contract. Note: Most defense agreements and grants are administered by the Naval Research Office (ONRRO), San Diego County Office, San Diego, California.

Literal Meanings of Property Administrator


Meanings of Property:
  1. Something or things that are collectively owned by someone.

  2. Attribute, quality or attribute of something.

Sentences of Property
  1. He wants to get Oliver and his belongings out of the house

  2. Heat properties to evenly increase the metal

Synonyms of Property

worldly goods, personal effects, attribute, trait, movables, things, power, goods, belongings, quality, hallmark, chattels, possessions, characteristic, mark, effects, feature, stuff


Meanings of Administrator:
  1. Someone responsible for running a business, organization, etc.

Sentences of Administrator
  1. He pointed out that the facility manager was responsible for evacuation and other security measures.

Synonyms of Administrator

managing director, supervisor, chief executive, superintendent, official, principal, boss, employer, controller, manager, chairwoman, chairman, governor, chairperson, proprietor, executive, chief, premier, head, director, chair, president, leader