Propane Lbs To Gallons Conversion

Propane Lbs To Gallons Conversion

Do I need to convert a pound to a gallon of propane? It is possible?

Propane weighs 4.2 pounds per gallon

33.5 x 626 / 4.2 = 4993 gallons

Pounds of propane per gallon

Okay ... I'll make some choices here:

1. The weight of liquid propane in a liquid cylinder is 33.5 pounds. This is Mr. 15.2 kg in the matriculation system.

2. The density of liquid propane is 582 kg / m ^ 3. If d.

v = m / d

v = 15.2 / 582 = 0.0261 m ^ 3 ~ 6.9 gallons per cylinder.

3.6.9 gallons x 626 bottles = 4319.4 gallons

So the total is 4,319.4 gallons.

Some points to remember:

1. If the given weight is bottle + normal liquid, all five calculations are incorrect. Make sure you don't even consider the weight of the cylinder.

So my guess is that 33.5 pounds of liquid propane weighs.

2. It only applies to liquid propane.

This page can help you.

Come back:

Do I need to convert pounds to gallons of propane? It is possible?

I need to determine how many gallons of propane my company uses. We buy bottled propane. Each bottle is described on the invoice as a 33.5 pound liquid bottle. I bought these 626 bottles, are there too many gallons?

Propane Lbs To Gallons Conversion

Propane Lbs To Gallons Conversion

A 100 pound propane tank is equivalent to 23.8 gallons

Yes, it can be changed.

1 gallon of liquid propane = 4.2 lbs. (Half the density of water)

The 626 cylinders weigh 33.5 pounds each = 20,971 pounds.

.9 20.97 × 4.2 = 4,993 gallons.

(When you buy a propane cylinder, it is not gas ... it is a liquid at storage temperature at its vapor pressure, say 110 p at 70 p 21 F (21 C).

Density of water x Density = Density of matter

Propane Density: (Page 6)

It can only be estimated here. Liquid propane is slightly denser than half the density of water. (0.51).

Danger. Are you talking about American or British cheeks?

Propane does not become liquid until it is compressed. The pool is what acts as compressed air.

Propane Lbs To Gallons Conversion