Definition of Promulgate:

  1. Publicly state any legal provision, regulation, court order or decision.

Synonyms of Promulgate

Shout, Prosecute, Order about, Thunder forth, Complete, Pronounce, Fulfill, Transact, Call upon, Abide by, Commission, Honor, Bid, Issue a command, Toot, Give an order, Declare, Cry out, Put in force, Discharge, Blaze abroad, Issue a writ, Make out, Order, Trumpet, Trumpet forth, Implement, Mandate, Effectuate, Cry, Herald, Celebrate, Blazon, Rule, Enforce, Effect, Blare forth, Sound, Adhere to, Carry out, Annunciate, Command, Carry through, Give the word, Advertise, Herald abroad, Disseminate, Observe, Blare, Call on, Make, Publish, Say the word, Administer, Thunder, Declaim, Put through, Dictate, Enjoin, Announce, Decree, Blazon about, Ordain, Render, Charge, Broadcast, Blaze, Fill out, Execute, Proclaim, Instruct, Direct, Call the signals

Meaning of Promulgate & Promulgate Definition



It develops, classifies, issues and applies insurance rates or forms. Proof of loss After the loss, a formal statement from the insured containing the details of the loss to the insurer, for example. B. Value of damaged or damaged property.

A simple definition of Promulgate is: Rate and publish (publish)

Meanings of Promulgate

  1. Massively advertise or publish (idea or thing)

Sentences of Promulgate

  1. These goals need to be articulated within the organization

Synonyms of Promulgate

circulate, make public, propagate, make known, promote, publicize, communicate, spread