Promise Ring Age Limit

Promise Ring Age Limit

Age limit for engagement ring? ۔

Honey, I bought the ring at the thrift store but it ran out. As for the promise ring, what's the point if you have to give a hint and almost hit it in the head? Also, 20 is too old for an engagement ring. I did this when I was 17 in high school. Get out of the relationship and you will grow a little. The next step (in the future) is the engagement ring. (Whoever posted my question about the engagement ring)

Well, I'm 20 (friend 22) and I asked for an engagement ring. Yes, yes, it was high school. I just want to see what other people say. I mean, well, I graduated from high school, but I don't want to rush things. I worked with someone in their thirties and at that time, 21, they both got an engagement ring, not an engagement ring yet. I think this is a great idea. I mean, I just wanted a nice ring that I got at a thrift store. Looks like gold with diamond chips or CZ chips. This is a maximum of 2.00. Is it wrong to have a 20 engagement ring? We are going to sing our own songs and we don't have much money. Even if we were engaged, I would probably run away wearing a ring (for the wedding).

Does anyone think there is an age limit?

Hmmm ... I read that second question and I don't think Maxmom56 wanted to do any harm, he just answered the question and gave his opinion. Many people feel that way. I asked my husband what he thought of the question and he said the limit should be 16 or 17 and anything beyond that is ridiculous.

However, I didn't always think there was (or really was) an age limit. I mean, when you turn 55, it might be a little far ..., so it can't be an engagement ring. Bad way

I will say for sure that it is not about threatening or arresting you. He will be happy to give you as much as he wants, and he can give you when he feels ready. Don't be shy and pretend you don't want to, then stay there and tell her what you want and why you think your relationship is ready for the next step. Be a nest, you all know, maybe he's thinking of giving you a ring.

The engagement ring is a funny story, I get a little crazy every time I see a girl. The man shouldn't have used it, so he was still the coward he had to do it. The engagement ring is annoying and all rings can be stable for women who come with destiny.

There is no age limit for Promise Bells. From my boyfriend and I are in my twenties and still saving for the engagement ring that we will wear well until I get a permanent job and he gives me the engagement ring.

Promise Ring Age Limit