Definition of Proletariat:

  1. Term used to describe the lower working-class, which is mostly composed of wage workers. Each civilization categorizes the group differently. Some consider only destitute individuals as proletariat and some consider any wage worker as proletariat. The term is derived from the Marxist ideology, which is based off of Karl Marx Communist Manifesto.

Synonyms of Proletariat

Bourgeoisie, Common people, Common run, Common sort, Commonage, Commonality, Commonalty, Commoners, Commons, Laborers, Linendrapers, Lower classes, Lower middle class, Lower orders, Lumpen proletariat, Middle class, Middle orders, Ordinary people, Peasantry, Plain folks, Plain people, Rank and file, Shopkeepers, Small tradesmen, The lower cut, The other half, The third estate, Toilers, Toiling class, Upper middle class, Vulgus, Working class, Working people

Meaning of Proletariat & Proletariat Definition