Definition of Projection:

  1. A thing that extends outward from something else.

  2. Psychology: Tendency to attribute ones undesirable ideas, feelings, and motives to others.

  3. Planning: Process of moving forward in time through imagining of future events, or estimates based on certain assumptions or past trends.

  4. The presentation or promotion of someone or something in a particular way.

  5. The action of projecting a figure.

  6. An estimate or forecast of a future situation or trend based on a study of present ones.

  7. The presentation of an image on a surface, especially a movie screen.

  8. The representation on a plane surface of any part of the surface of the earth or a celestial sphere.

Synonyms of Projection

Estimate, Forecast, Prediction, Calculation, Prognosis, Prognostication, Reckoning, Expectation, Protuberance, Protrusion, Sticking-out bit, Overhang, Ledge, Shelf, Ridge, Prominence, Spur, Outcrop, Outgrowth, Jut, Bulge, Jag, Snag, Lambert conformal projection, Mercator projection, Miller projection, Acting, Actualization, Aeronautical chart, Alienation, Alphabet, Archery, Art, Astronomical chart, Atlas, Autism, Autistic thinking, Avoidance mechanism, Azimuthal equidistant projection, Azimuthal projection, Bas-relief, Beetling, Bellying, Blame-shifting, Blueprint, Boldness, Brouillon, Buffoonery, Bulge, Bulging, Bump, Bunch, Business, Calculation, Cartographer, Cartography, Cartoon, Casting, Celestial chart, Celestial globe, Charactering, Characterization, Chart, Choreography, Chorographer, Chorography, Chucking, Climatic chart, Cog, Comb, Compensation, Conic projection, Contour line, Contour map, Conventional representation, Copy, Crag, Cylindrical projection, Dance notation, Decompensation, Defense mechanism, Delineation, Demonstration, Depiction, Depictment, Dereism, Dereistic thinking, Design, Diagram, Displacement, Display, Dissociation, Draft, Drama, Drawing, Ebauche, Elevation, Embossment, Eminence, Emotional insulation, Enactment, Escape, Escape into fantasy, Escape mechanism, Escapism, Esquisse, Estimate, Excrescence, Excrescency, Exemplification, Exhibit, Exhibition, Exposition, Exposure, Extension, Exteriorization, Externalization, Extrapolation, Extrusion, Fang, Fantasizing, Fantasy, Figuration, Figure, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■, Flight, Flinging, Forecast, Gag, Game plan, General reference map, Gibbosity, Gibbousness, Globe, Gnomonic projection, Graph, Graphic scale, Grid line, Ground plan, Gunnery, Hachure, Ham, Hammy acting, Harrow, Heaving, Heliographic chart, Hieroglyphic, High relief, Hoke, Hokum, ■■■■, House plan, Hurling, Hydrographic chart, Ichnography, Iconography, Ideogram, Illustration, Imagery, Imaging, Impendence, Impendency, Impersonation, Index, Isolation, Isoline, Jaculation, Jag, Jut, Jutting, Knob, Latitude, Layer tint, Ledge, Legend, Letter, Limning, Lobbing, Logogram, Logograph, Longitude, Low relief, Map, Map maker, Map projection, Mapper, Mapping, Meridian, Mimesis, Mimicking, Mimicry, Miming, Mummery, Musical notation, Musketry, Negativism, Notation, Objectification, Opening, Ostentation, Outcropping, Outline, Outlining, Overacting, Overcompensation, Overhang, Overhanging, Pantomiming, Parallel, Patter, Pattern, Peak, Pecten, Performance, Performing, Personation, Photogrammetrist, Photogrammetry, Photomap, Phototopography, Physical map, Pictogram, Picturization, Pitching, Plan, Planning, Playacting, Playing, Plot, Point, Political map, Polyconic projection, Portraiture, Portrayal, Prediction, Prefigurement, Presentation, Presenting, Presentment, Printing, Production, Profile, Prognostication, Project, Prolongation, Prominence, Proposal, Proposition, Prospectus, Protrusion, Protuberance, Protuberancy, Psychotaxis, Rake, Ratchet, Rationalization, Realization, Reckoning, Relief, Relief map, Rendering, Rendition, Representation, Representative fraction, Resistance, Retrospective, Ridge, Road map, Rough, Salience, Salient, Sawtooth, Scale, Scenario, Schema, Scheme, Score, Script, Shooting, Show, Showing, Sinusoidal projection, Skeet, Skeet shooting, Skeleton, Sketch, Slapstick, Slinging, Snag, Snaggle, Sociological adjustive reactions, Special map, Spine, Spire, Sprocket, Spur, Stage business, Stage directions, Stage presence, Steeple, Stunt, Sublimation, Substitution, Swelling, Syllabary, Symbol, Tablature, Table, Taking a role, Terrain map, Terrestrial globe, Thematic map, Throwing, Tooth, Topographer, Topographic chart, Topography, Trajection, Transportation map, Trapshooting, Tuberosity, Tuberousness, Unfolding, Unfoldment, Unveiling, Varnishing day, Vernissage, Weather chart, Weather map, Wish-fulfillment fantasy, Wishful thinking, Withdrawal, Working drawing, Writing

How to use Projection in a sentence?

  1. My mom kept accusing me of acting a certain way and being a certain way and I wondered if she was resorting to psychological projection in order to make it seem as though these accusations were not about herself.
  2. Quality illustrations for overhead projection.
  3. The particle board covered all the sharp projections.
  4. To try and see where your business may go it is important to make an accurate projection about future profits.
  5. Using the financial data from previous years, the company president made a projection of the profits for for the coming year.
  6. Plans based on projections of slow but positive growth.
  7. The legal professions projection of an image of altruism.
  8. Finally, the plane projection of the map doesnt quite work.

Meaning of Projection & Projection Definition


Definition of Projection:

  • Projection can be defined as, Future theoretical financial statistics with one or more hypothetical assumptions.

Meanings of Projection

  1. Estimation or prediction of future situation or trend based on current situation assessment.

  2. Representing images on surfaces, especially movie screens.

  3. Introducing or promoting someone or something special.

  4. Something that surpasses anything else.

  5. The work of presenting statistics.

  6. Representation of the celestial sphere on any part of the earth's surface or flat surface.

Sentences of Projection

  1. Plans are based on slow but positive growth rates

  2. High quality example for rear projection

  3. Advocacy that represents destiny

  4. All sharp protrusions are covered in cardboard

  5. However, the projection of the map plane does not work.

Synonyms of Projection

spur , bump , rim , prominence , swelling , protuberance , bunch , outthrust , knob , protrusion , spine , ridge , ■■■■ , step , shelf , extension , ledge , eaves , prolongation , jut , point , sill


What is The Definition of Projection?

  1. Some annual financial statements that contain one or more hygiene assumptions.

Meanings of Projection

  1. Predictions or predictions of the future based on the examination of current trends.

  2. Presents an image on the surface, especially the movie screen.

  3. Present or promote something or someone in a particular way.

  4. Something that is made of something else.

  5. The process of presenting data.

  6. A representation of the celestial sphere on any part of the earth's surface or on a flat surface.

Sentences of Projection

  1. Plans are based on slow but positive growth estimates.

  2. High quality example for previous projection.

  3. Advocacy that paints a picture of piety.

  4. Cardboard covers all sharp edges.

Synonyms of Projection

estimation, computation, forecasting


FINANCIAL STATEMENTS WITH FUTURE PROJECTS containing one or more hypothetical assumptions.